Blocking a ReadyPIN

If you have issued a ReadyPIN and now need to revoke access, this can be done by "blocking" a specific ReadyPIN. 

To block a ReadyPIN, enter;

PC, #, 128, #, [ReadyPIN], #

If successful, you will see two green flashes.


More Information

ReadyPINs are not pre-programmed into the lock like regular PIN codes.  Instead they are calculated using an algorithmic formula.  The access policy/information is actually embedded into the PIN code itself.  Once calculated by the RemoteLock software, this code is ready to be used on the lock without it needing to be sent over the internet to the lock.  When entered into the lock, the lock uses the same algorithm and encryption keys to calculate if the code is valid.  

As such, ReadyPINs cannot be "deleted" because they were never really added to the lock in the first place as a specific individual PIN code. But instead we can block a valid ReadyPIN so when it is entered, the lock knows to block it even if the ReadyPIN is valid for that specific date and time.

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