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The integration between August and RemoteLock allows the August and Yale locks that are Connect by August compatible to be managed in the RemoteLock portal.  This article assumes that you have already installed the lock according the the instructions provided with the lock.

Note: This integration requires you to download the August or Yale App and connect the locks to WiFi prior to integrating the locks with RemoteLock.



Pairing Locks via the August App

Step 1: Download the August App to your Mobile device and Create an Account if you have not already done so.

Step 2: From the menu or home page select Set up a Device



Step 3: Select the Device

In this step you will select the option which matches your step up. Most of our customers will use the “Set Up a Lock Yale or Emtek” option but if the lock being connected is an August Smart Lock the option they would use is ”Set Up a SmartLock”



Step 4: Follow the August Prompts to Set up Smart Lock

The August App will walk you through registering your device to the August Account and connecting it to Wifi. The following screenshots will be what you can expect to see as you go through the process.

Pro Tip: It is a good idea to write down the serial number of the module before starting installation and make sure it is plugged into the lock. If August asks for the serial number during the set up, it means the serial of the module and not of the lock itself.


Pro Tip: Most of these will be steps that have already been taken, including confirming the lock is installed and the module is plugged in. If the step has not been completed already the app provides instructions on how to do so on each step.

Set Up Lock

Continue to follow the prompts within the August App to set up your lock.  The app will start by scanning for the lock to connect it to the August Account.

Naming the Lock and selecting a 'House'

In this step you will give the lock a name and assign the lock to a 'House', which is what August calls the location.

Pro Tip: Within August having different 'Houses' set up helps keep the locks organized by property or location.  Additional information on Houses can be found in this August support article.

Register the Module or Lock

When the registration process has been completed you will get this screen.


Pro Tip: In this step if the lock has ever been registered or reset you may need to go through the steps to register the module shown in the screenshots below


Additional information on module registration can be found in this August support article.


If you are using the DoorSense, the August app will take you through setting up the DoorSense so that it properly detects the door's open/closed state.


For more information about these options click on the links below:




Setting up the Connect Bridge

After the lock and module have been registered to your August/Yale account, its time to set up the Connect bridge so that the lock can communicate remotely over WiFi.  This bridge also allows the RemoteLock software to update users & settings and receive events from the lock.

To start, go to the upper left-hand menu and select "Set up a Device".  Then select "Set Up A Connect".


Follow the prompts within the August/Yale app in order to connect the bridge to your WiFi network and your lock.  More detail on setting up the Connect bridge and troubleshooting can be found in this August Connect Guide

After getting the Connect bridge connected to WiFi and you lock, its time to import the lock into the RemoteLock software.


Integrating August & RemoteLock  

Note: The next steps can not be completed via the RemoteLock app.

Step 1: Login to your RemoteLock account at and navigate to the “Integrations” tab. Once on the Integrations page, select the “august” tile.

Step 2: Click on the blue “Add August Account” button, you will see a reminder to select the correct August account that the lock(s) you are wanting to connect are linked to.

Click continue to confirm and you will be redirected to sign in using the email and password you set up when you created your August account.


As a security measure August will send a text code for verification to enter before you can proceed to verify that you are the account holder.


On the next page you will see the permissions you are giving RemoteLock by connecting the August account to your RemoteLock portal.



Step 3: Clicking 'Agree' will take you back to the RemoteLock > Integrations > August tab. You will then be able to select which locks to import into the Remotelock site by clicking on the blue “Import” button.



Note: Only Locks that are registered to the account can be imported. Locks that have been shared to the account using the “App Access” option from another account can not be imported to RemoteLock and will need to be connected using the original account information.

Each lock will ask you to choose a location for the lock which you will have set up in our system previously.


This is the final step in setting up the August integration! Any locks you have imported will now show on your device page and are ready for use.

Additional Support Documents can be found on the August site: 

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