CourtReserve Integration

CourtReserve is an all-in-one court reservation & club management platform that helps you run your club with ease and confidence. This integration will allow you to manage the pin code generation for your reservations and events that occur within CourtReserve.




Note: Prior to taking these steps, you will need to reach out to CourtReserve Support to obtain documentation that your organization must sign off on in order to integrate. You can reach CourtReserve via chat on their website, or by emailing


Setting Up the Integration

  1. In your CourtReserve dashboard, go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Access Control’ under ‘Integrations’
  2. Click the blue “Setup Access Control Integration” button- this will bring you to the RemoteLock Portal login page.
  • Note: You will not be able to move forward here unless you have completed the documentation that CourtReserve provided.

  1. Sign in with your RemoteLock account credentials
  2. Once you sign in- you will be brought to a page where you will need to authorize CourtReserve’s access- click “Authorize”

  1. Once you click authorize, you will be brought back to your integration within CourtReserve.
  2. When you click on the “Locks” tab in CourtReserve you will see your devices. Any locks you already have set up on your RemoteLock portal will automatically populate here.
  • If you add additional locks to RemoteLock later, click the green “Discovery” button to get this page synced with your RemoteLock portal. Any new locks you’ve added will then populate.


Creating Custom Rules

The next step is to create your rules. These rules tell your locks when to generate pin codes, and when not to.

  1. Click on the “Rules” tab.
  2. Click on the “Edit” button to the right of an Action type to edit the rule. Customize the rule as desired. This is where you will configure which locks should have pins automatically generated, and when.
      • Rule Type: Whether you are creating a rule of when a Pin code should be generated (‘Create Pin Code’), or when it should not be generated (‘Do Not Create Pin Code’)
      • Time Before Reservation to Send Code: This is how far in advance prior to the reservation you’d like the code sent to the player
      • Is Rule Time Specific: Whether you only want this rule to apply during set times that you customize (Ex. If you are creating a “Create Pin Code” rule and your facility is not staffed on the weekends, you can make the rule time specific so that pin codes are only created for your reservations for the weekends)
      • Buffer Minutes: Amount of time before the reservation you would like the pin code to work to allow your players into the facility when their reservation is nearing.
      • Courts: Select which specific courts this rule will work for
      • Devices: Choose which locks go to the courts you selected
      • Note: For admin purposes only, will not show on anything customer facing
  3. Once you click Save, you will see the updated rule customization.


Creating Codes for Events

Events in CourtReserve are used for anything involving a group of people- such as a lesson or a class. Through the integration, you have the option of customizing how codes are generated for events. Setting up the defaults in your Event Settings will allow you to configure how this works.

  1. In CourtReserve, go to Settings > Event Settings > Defaults
  2. The ‘Access Control Code’ setting is where you will manage whether a code gets automatically generated for each event, or if you’d like to manually select the code that will be set for each event.
    • If you select ‘Generated’- this means that each event that is scheduled will automatically generate a single pin code for the entire event.
    • If you select Manual- it means you have gone onto the RemoteLock portal and set up your own 4 digit pin so that this would populate for each event. Then you can go to a particular event and change it if you’d like to do so.
  1. When you are setting up an event- you can scroll to the bottom of the Event you are creating, click on the “Additional Set Up” tab and select whether you want a pin auto generated, or manually created for the entire event. (This will create a single code for the entire event, rather than a pin code for each player in the event.


Viewing your Pin Codes

  1. To view pin codes that have been generated for reservations and events, click on “Schedulers” in the left menu, then click on the reservation/event you’d like to view the pin code for. You will see the pin code in the summary of the event.
  2. All codes you have automatically or manually generated from CourtReserve can also be viewed in the RemoteLock portal on the Dashboard, or under the “Access” tab.


To learn more about CourtReserve, visit their website by following this link:



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