Akia integration with RemoteLock

How to connect Akia to RemoteLock

RemoteLock + Akia (Akia Knowledge Base)

Contact Akia

  1. Log into Akia
  2. Authorize the connection by visiting this link
    1. If you're not logged into RemoteLock already, it will prompt for you to log in
  3. Contact your Akia representative or email help@akia.com for the completion of the configuration

How to issue door codes

  1. Once the configuration by Akia has been completed, you will see a new component under the guest's profile that will allow you to issue new code to the guest.


  2. By clicking on Issue New Code, Akia will automatically generate a new access code to the guest's assigned room during the length of their stay.

  3. Once a code has been issued, the guest will receive a text message notifying them of the access code.


  4. If there is a need to remove the guest access to the room, you can simply click the Revoke button for the guest.

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