RemoteLock Mobile Key Quick Guide

The purpose of this article is to act as a quick reference for someone installing the Remotelock Mobile Key Reader. This includes videos on setting up the reader once it's been wired, and the ACS system has been registered, and also includes some helpful tips. 

A more robust article on the reader setup can be found here: RemoteLock Mobile Key Reader Setup

A more robust article on creating Mobile Key credentials can be found here: Creating Mobile Key Credentials

But neither of those articles include the helpful tips below. 


Enrollment and Testing Videos:



Installer Tips:


  • The Name chosen for the reader through enrollment will be on every mobile credential invite email.


  • Once enrolled, use the installer app an go to "Configure" while near the reader. Confirm that "Card Type" is set to FSK and not ASK.


  • In the configure section, "Read Range" is for the BLE read range and not RFID. 


  • Touching the reader, or if it gets to close to unshielded AC current and some RF environments, the reader will be prompted to scan for credentials. 


  • If the reader LED is constantly cycling at the door, confirm that the Auto sense selection in the configuration section is not selected. Reset the reader and re-enroll it. 


  • If the reader LED is still constantly cycling, install the reader directly to the ACS board. If it is no longer constantly cycling, there is an issue with the RF environment at the door, and will need to be remedied. 










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