Streamline V1 Integration Overview

From the Integrations tab of your account click on the Streamline V1 tile to authenticate with Streamline.


Integrate with the Streamline V1 site.


Authorize access to Streamline V1.


After the account authentication with RemoteLock, you'll land on the Streamline Authentication page where you'll insert your Streamline Account Token Key and Token Secret. 


To retrieve your Streamline Token and Secret, go to the 'Third Party Integrations' > 'Get Integration Tokens' section of your Streamline VRS account, and Enable RemoteLock for integration "Get Tokens".


Back on the device mapping page, copy in your Streamline Token and Secret, and 'Submit'.


You will now associate the Property from your Streamline Account to the Lock in your RemoteLock account.


Select the Streamline 'property' from the drop-down.


Select the lock associated with the property from the RemoteLock dropdown.


Click 'Add' to associate another property and lock.


After you have made the property to device associations, click 'Submit'. 


Moving forward, all reservations made on Streamline Property will generate guest access and a randomized PIN on your RemoteLock device. 


You can come back to this mapping page to edit, add, and remove devices and properties by following this link:


To Disconnect the integration, click through the Streamline V1 tile in the RemoteLock Integration Tab and select 'Disconnect'.


Known Limitations and Features coming soon:

- RemoteLock communicates with Streamline every 10 minutes on a 10-minute interval. Reservations made in Streamline will not populate in Remotelock until this communication takes place.

- You can not change a guest's PIN in the Streamline app. You must use the RemoteLock app to change a guest's pin after it has already been assigned. RemoteLock should be considered the source of truth for a guest's pin or updating the pin assigned to them.

- Streamline listings will not be updated retroactively in RemoteLock. Streamline reservations will only populate in RemoteLock after your account has been authenticated and the device to property mapping has been made. 


Please contact with any questions or concerns.


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